Lishelle – Canine Behavior Consultant

Lishelle grew up in Albany, NY. After leaving the U.S. Air Force in 2005, she got her first corgi. Kiki was great for companionship and helped her acclimate back into civilian life. At that time, Lishelle found Kiki also provided a therapeutic effect. This helped her fall in love with all things canine/human related to training and behavior. Her favorite subjects have been canine/human co-evolution and neuroscience.

After moving to Syracuse in 2006 and finding the city lacking for women’s sports, Lishelle founded the Assault City Roller Derby in 2007. She worked for PetSmart as a full time trainer at that time as well. Lishelle currently resides in Marcellus, NY with her children Jett and Asher. She also has a rescue beagle, Mojo, and a chihuahua, Miro. 

Overall, Lishelle has 14 years experience as a trainer and behavior consultant. She has collaborated with many other trainers and worked with all breeds and temperaments. Along with that, she has fostered for several rescues and volunteer trained for the humane society.  Lishelle joined the Blue Prints team in 2017 as a trainer and behavior consultant, including AKC CGC evaluator.  She particularly enjoys and focuses on helping dogs with fear and behavior concerns. Helping owners and dogs reach their training goals has been a very rewarding experience for her.