Private Training

Private training is an ideal option if you are looking to fix a specific problem, need more time with our trainers, or require a more flexible schedule.

Blue Prints offers the options of holding the private sessions in our facility or in your home. Our trainers will travel up to 25 minutes from the Blue Prints facility. Exceptions can be made but additional fees may apply.

Both in-home and in-facility private training sessions last 60-90 minutes and guide you step-by-step on how to shape behavior, what equipment to use, and how to better understand your dog’s needs.

Before scheduling a private session, we ask that you fill out our Canine Behavior History Form. This helps us learn more about you and your dog, match you up with the right trainer, and make the most of the session by having the basic questions answered.

Canine Behavior History Form


  • $90 plus tax for 1 in-facility private session
  • $320 plus tax for 4 in-facility sessions
  • $100 plus tax for 1 in-home private session
  • $360 plus tax for 4 in-home private sessions