Our daycare focuses on safe, monitored and structured socialization as an important part of our positive reinforcement training philosophy. Dogs are social animals and interacting with other dogs and people is an important part of their training and overall well-being.

Puppies, in particular, learn more from other puppies and well-trained dogs and our puppy training program includes daycare. Senior dogs require added comfort and care and our staff provides a socially stimulating and safe environment to address their special needs. Our staff is trained in pet first aid and maintains a clean, safe, and stimulating environment regardless of a dog’s age.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and healthy environment and our facility is vacuumed and washed daily.

Our 8,800-square-foot facility provides a variety of rooms and space to allow dogs opportunities to socialize, play, and rest. All dogs are walked throughout the day and we offer additional services to clients who use our daycare services.


Board and Play


  • $50/night – price includes a full day of daycare.
    • Discount offered for multiple dogs in one household
  • Holiday rate- $60/night (When daycare is closed)
  • $10 transportation fee from Syracuse to Chittenango
    • Dog must be dropped off in Syracuse by 8am, Monday-Friday
    • Dogs must be picked up in Syracuse no earlier than 3pm, Monday-Friday
    • Transportation not available on weekends
  • Veteran Discount offered

General Information:

  • Monday – Friday pick-up and drop-off
    • Offered 7AM – 6:30PM
  • Saturday and Sunday pick-up/drop-off
    • Offered BY APPOINTMENT ONLY between 8am-10am & 4pm-6pm
  • Boarding is offered for our regular daycare customers ONLY
      • Dog MUST attend daycare AT LEAST once every two weeks to be eligible for boarding (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • 24-Hour Surveillance and a human on the property at all times
  • Kuranda dog beds in each kennel                                                                                                            

What you need to bring:

  • Food can be pre-packaged in a Ziploc bag.
  • Blanket/toy or something that smells like home
  • Please provide instructions of feeding amounts & times.

There are only 10 Kennels available, so please sign up in advance!


Birthday Parties

Celebrating your dog’s birthday is a fun way to train, socialize, and stimulate your dog while at daycare. Birthday parties are personalized and provide digital photo copies, stimulation, and fun for all dogs attending daycare on their special day.

Parties are $60 and should be booked 2 weeks prior to the actual birthday.


Senior Care – Not currently provided

A comfortable room dedicated to the care and needs of our senior canines offers clients an alternative option to the busy environment of our regular daycare setting.

Aromatherapy, comfortable beds and music are added to an area that offers safe and comfortable flooring and lots of love! Senior dogs are not limited to this area and maybe incorporated into the regular daycare based on their ability to remain comfortable and happy.

Services such as massage and acupuncture by professionals within the community are coming soon!

Standard daycare prices apply.

Terrible Twos                                      

Ever wonder what happened to your dog’s willingness to play well with others within the daycare setting? Is your dog well-behaved at home, but daycare reports indicate something different? Dogs don’t fully mature until they are almost 6 (based on breed) and turning 2 is often the beginning of behavior setbacks and new challenges. Just like children, dogs attempt new methods to get what they want and many times their behavior will change within the daycare setting.

For daycare clients only, our trainers will create a more formal assessment of your dog’s behavior and help you develop a plan to work through the “terrible twos.” Additionally, we’re here to help owners become more aware of any social limitations their dog may have. It is not uncommon for dogs to “outgrow” daycare. Oftentimes, there are new and exciting opportunities to share with your dog and our trainers are there to help you identify them.

This service is for daycare clients only.
Prices may vary.

Kong Time

What makes Blue Prints’ daycare setting unique is that, first and foremost, we are a training center that uses daycare as a way to improve behavior and enhance training.

A key piece to high-quality care is the ability to recognize stress and help dogs work through it. Just like people, dogs experience good and bad stress. Kong Time is a great way for trainers to help ease your dog into a more comfortable state of mind. Dogs use their mouth to self-regulate and Kong Time gives them a chance to lick, chew and relax.

Kong Time takes place in a quiet environment and lasts around 30 minutes. It’s an excellent option for dogs that become anxious during drop-off, pickup, or during walks.

Ask our knowledgeable staff if Kong Time is right for your dog and we’ll be happy to implement its use throughout their stay.

Cost: $5 for 30 minutes