Clear Path for Veterans

Blue Prints Training and Socialization Center partner Clear Path for Veterans is upstate New York’s veteran resource center, serving as a hub of information, programs, and resources. The welcoming community of staff and volunteers provides holistic warrior care to all veterans and their families.

In-house programs and services are diverse and rely on partnerships and collaboration. Clear Path’s focus is on restoring, reconnecting, and integrating veterans with innovative, adaptive, and flexible programs, including the Canine Program.

The primary goal of the Canine Program is to provide training to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or military sexual trauma by establishing a reliable relationship with a canine companion.

All veterans accepted through a general application process begin the program with basic dog training provided by Blue Prints. Dogs are selected from shelters and matched with veterans based on specific needs and interests.

Whether the ultimate goal is to achieve service dog status or simply have a well-trained companion, all program participants find support and encouragement from Blue Prints staff and the Clear Path team.


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