All the staff have taken great care of our dog who went through the puppy socialization class, obedience 1 & 2, as well as weekly daycare. Our pup leans on the socially awkward side so all of these programs have really helped him be comfortable around other dogs and people. The trainers are hands on, provide feedback each session, and even help with questions and problems outside of the curriculum.The staff are really friendly, personable, and professional. We couldn’t recommend them enough. We wish we could bring them on our move away from Syracuse as we will dearly miss them.

Kellie Murphy

A couple months ago, we brought home a new puppy which should have been a really happy and exciting day! We were surprised when our existing dog didn’t react well at all, and knew we were going to need some help integrating them so that everyone felt safe and happy. I called around to many different behaviorists/training facilities but had no luck.

Enter Blueprints Dog Studio! Alexis came to our home to assess what was going on, and helped us come up with a plan. We prioritized helping our puppy learn appropriate socialization skills with their Puppy Socialization class because of her age. After several weeks, she has learned how to read our older dog’s behavior and doesn’t push him.

Now, our older dog goes to re-socialization classes where they are teaching him how to manage his stress and how to correct behaviors in a measured way. He’s still going to training but we’ve already noticed a huge improvement in the way they interact.

For the first time since she came home two months ago, they played together in the snow!

Lauren Adam


This place is wonderful.

“I know my dog is safe and happy. They do an excellent job of watching the dogs so nothing gets crazy. Also, there are only 2 crates in the room and they only use them if a doggie is misbehaving as a time out. Their flexible hours are great. If they refuse a dog, it is for a reason. Not all dogs can handle daycare and they are careful to weed them out. Also, everyone who works there has lots of training in caring for dogs.”

Jenaud M.

I LOVE bringing my pug to Blue Prints.

“The staff is always so friendly. They know just how to make my pup feel comfortable and at home. They not only understand my dog, but they understand me and they do their best to make it as easy for me to drop my dog off and pick her up on my schedule. I work sporadic hours, and they do a wonderful job accommodating me. I wouldn’t trust my dog anywhere else, and I am certainly a returning customer!”


Professional and polite!

“My 1-year-old mixed breed needs more exercise than mere walking can give him and at this stage in his life, socialization with other dogs is especially important. Playtime at Blue Prints is the perfect solution for us. There are two rooms, so he’s placed with other dogs who can handle his energy levels. He’s very energetic and a little anxious. I really appreciate that when I come to pick him up, the staff knows how he’s spent his day and can tell me who he played with, how much he played, and whether there are any issues I should keep an eye on (for instance, his nervousness when the other dogs begin to go home – now I know to come get him at 5 of to spare him some anxiety). He’s a handful and they do a great job with him. I’ve never found the staff to be anything but friendly and helpful. They have never suggested their own training sessions to me (and my dog is young and VERY energetic, so we’re still working on his manners). They do have a screening/interview process. I’m pleased that they pay attention to the mix of dog personalities to keep playtime calm and positive for all the dogs.”

We heard great things about the work the trainers do and it was all true!

“Thank you so much for all your time, patience, and hard work! We loved the class!”

Pete, Chrissie, and Javi C.

Blue Prints has been a wonderful place for all my dogs.

“I know that they are in great hands and I appreciate the time and patience everyone has here!”

Mary Ellen W.

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