Classes & Packages

Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time dog owner, our classes and packages are geared to make it easy for you to train, care for, and socialize your dog. Each dog teaches us something new and we gear services to enhance that relationship from puppy-hood into their golden years.

For Group Classes and the Puppy Socialization Program you can call/email our facility for more information. By applying to the Basic 1, Basic 2 or Intermediate, you will be put on a waitlist and will be contacted as soon as the next class is available. Registration is required for both. 


Puppy Kindergarten

Teach your puppy good manners from the start! Puppy Kindergarten classes are on a rolling 6-week schedule that accommodates puppies 8-18 weeks old.

We focus on teaching bite inhibition, good social skills, and introduce basic manners and behavior cues. Please bring proof of vaccinations with you to class.

See our page about “Puppy Training” for even more information and puppy training options.

Prerequisite: Dog is younger than 18 weeks

When: Every Saturday 9-10 a.m. at our Syracuse location. 

           Every Saturday 10-11 a.m. at our Chittenango location.

Price: $25 plus tax per class

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Basic 1 and 2

Basic 1 and 2 classes focus on understanding your dog’s learning process and teaching them basic cues with limited to moderate distractions. Basic 1 and 2 are great building blocks to shaping good behavior. Group classes will increase their social skills while remaining leashed.

Basic 1 is the first step to building a foundation of good behavior. Understanding your dog’s motivation is covered in all Blue Prints Basic and Puppy Kindergarten classes. Behaviors such as sit, down, stand, leave-it and stay along with loose-leash walking and other useful cues are the main focus of our Basic 1 class.

Prerequisite: Dog is 4 months or older

When: Dates and Times Vary

Price: $140 plus tax for a four-week class

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Basic 2 adds distance, distraction, and duration to all Basic 1 learned behaviors. Introduction to recall (come) and stay with distance and distraction are also covered.

Prerequisite: Basic 1 completed

When: Dates and Times Vary

Price: $140 plus tax for a four-week class

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To enroll in this class, your dog needs to complete the Basic courses. We will expand on the cues they have already learned. You will be able to strengthen your relationship with your dog while practicing with increased distance, duration, and distraction.

10-20 ft long leads will be utilized in class to add a certain difficulty to cues such as recall, stay, and getting your dog’s attention.

Prerequisite: Basic 1 and 2 completed

When: Dates and Times Vary

Price: $150 plus tax for a five-week class

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Puppy Socialization Package – Weekly Drop Off Series (8-20 weeks)

Our Puppy Socialization Package is an individualized option that offers more hands-on training, development, and socialization. This series offers 2, 4-hour sessions per week. Under the care of a certified trainer, puppies will receive the following:

  • Supervised playtime with a group of puppies
  • Introduction to well socialized and vaccinated adult dogs
  • Introduction to all basic cues
  • Desensitization to a variety of items that include but are not limited to: umbrellas, vacuums, unusual noises, hats, nature, different people, etc.
  • Promoting calm behaviors around stimuli
  • Basic grooming procedures
  • Introduction to the leash
  • Training games
  • Focusing exercises
  • Crate training
  • Bite inhibition
  • Name recognition
  • Homework summaries to continue work at home

Prerequisite: Dog is younger than 18 weeks

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. Syracuse

           Mondays and Wednesdays 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. Chittenango

Price: $80 plus tax for one day / $140 plus tax per week

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Drop Off Training Packages

Packages and private sessions offer flexibility to our clients and take into consideration not only their busy lifestyle, but their desire to have the best relationship with their dog.

Training packages offer clients a complete, all-in-one option that is customized to fit your dog’s long-term needs. We pair drop off training with individual private sessions to ensure consistent communication between owner and dog. Creating consistent training between the trainer and all parties involved with the dog will help progress behaviors and build confidence in the dog.

The packages described below are only a few of the many outlines we have available. We can tailor each package to the specific needs of each dog and owner.

The last 10-15 minutes of each session will be used verbally summarizing the session and coaching the owner on the behaviors practiced.

Prerequisite: Drop off training must be paired with a Group Class or Private Training Session

When: Exact dates and times vary based on owner and trainer availability

           We will recommend 1-4 hours a day, 2-3 times a week

Price: $50 plus tax an hour

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*If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance, so we may release your obligation and allow another client to fill your appointment. You can cancel by calling us at (315) 446-2070. Failure to give us a 24 hour notice will result in a $50 fee.*

Shelter Dog

For dogs just adopted, this package covers Basic 1 cues, supervised socialization, access to a trainer for Q&A, and how best to transition to a new home. This may also be helpful for dogs in transition in situations like welcoming a new baby to the home.

Hands Off

Training is customized to the client and also includes socialization and written homework for the owner to utilize at home. Package includes Basic 1 and 2 cues, socialization, and Q&A sessions with a certified trainer.

Adolescent Pup

For dogs 5-12 months, this training includes socialization as well as Basic 1 and 2 cues with an intro to intermediate cues. The focus for this age is adding distraction to training and shaping good social skills.

Confident Canine

For dogs who need to build confidence. Socialization is limited to 3-4 dogs to ensure a positive experience. Basic 1 and 2 cues are covered with some socialization.


Curious to know if a Training Package is the right fit for you and your dog? Read our handout to find out! Or give us a call anytime during our business hours to consult with a certified trainer!

Training Packages Information Sheet