The Pink Pug

Blue Prints partner The Pink Pug was established in October 2011 and has been providing the Syracuse area with exceptional dog grooming services ever since.

Family-owned and operated, The Pink Pug prides itself on remarkable customer service, a positive work environment, and an exceptional ability to beautify canines. As family is an essential part of their lives, owners Jim and Jackie Foster are determined to make sure every dog that walks through their front door is treated as their own.

Working hand in hand with Blue Prints Training and Socialization Center, The Pink Pug can perform grooming while your pet is at daycare by simply setting up an appointment when your dog will be attending. The Pink Pug has an open floor plan that allows customers to see all of their operations.

To keep canines most comfortable, employees only crate dogs when their clean coats need more drying time. Accommodations are made to ensure the safety of all dogs. At drop off, the staff can customize a pickup time that fits within the owner’s schedule or they can receive a phone call when the grooming process is finished.

The Pink Pug advocates for surrounding dog rescues. They feel adopting dogs who are otherwise homeless is essential to a happy life as they will provide owners with unconditional love. The Pink Pug helps local shelters by grooming dogs in hopes it will increase their chances of adoption.