Jim and Jackie Foster – Owners

Jim and Jackie are lifelong members of the community and have remained committed to their family and their careers. Jim brings a diverse business and management background to Blue Prints and believes in a customer-first, family business model. For 12 years, Jim successfully ran a landscaping business before transitioning into higher education grounds management. Jim currently oversees the grounds and athletic fields at Le Moyne College, where he serves as the lead grounds man.

Jackie began her career at Blue Prints in 2003. After leaving a successful career as a flight attendant with U.S. Air, Jackie began as a floor attendant in the daycare. Her passion and love of dogs included a desire to groom and in 2004 Jackie trained to become the top groomer at Blue Prints.

In 2011, Jackie and Jim realized the importance of a positive grooming experience and started their own grooming shop now known as The Pink Pug. Jackie oversees all grooming and, together with Jim, offers a unique and positive experience for dogs being groomed.

Jim and Jackie currently have two red bone coon hounds, Georgia and Baker. Their beloved, but now deceased pug, Baxter, serves as the face of The Pink Pug and was the inspiration behind the unique name of the business.