Nikki – Receptionist

Born in Syracuse, Nikki grew up in Bridgeport until moving to Ohio for 5 years. She then moved back to Bridgeport and graduated from CNS High School.

Nikki worked in Accounting/Office Management for nearly 30 years. She graduated from Jeff Rogers Coach 4-part series in Elite Owner Executive Development Leadership Program and still currently attends Founders 212 classes. She was also a bartender for 10 years at her local VFW. Nikki is a lifetime member of the VFW Auxiliary and currently serves as an Officer-Trustee.

In 2021, the company she had worked at for over a decade unfortunately closed their doors. Nikki was preparing to get a dog and had gotten permission in advance to bring them to work. Her corporate leadership aspirations were gone, and her future was uncertain. Unsure what her next steps were, she started volunteering as a dog walker at B&R Bunkhouse where she had been looking for a dog to adopt. Nikki rescued her dog, Winston, who had just come in the day she was allowed to start walking dogs on her own at the Bunkhouse!

According to Nikki, volunteering with these rescue dogs saved her life, gave her purpose, and a reason to get up every morning! When B&R Bunkhouse needed part-time help weekday mornings, Nikki decided to quit her full-time Office Manager job and work at the shelter. This opened the door for her to pursue other part-time work, and she was hired by Blue Prints Dog Studio! Here, she is continuing her new passion of working with dogs.