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We are proud to announce that we won with the most votes and received the “Platinum” award for ‘Best Dog Training’ in 2021, 2022. and 2023! We also won the “Platinum” award for ‘Best Kennels’ in 2022 and 2023! Thank you for your continued support!  





Blue Prints Training and Socialization Center uses positive reinforcement to train dogs and promotes healthy behavior with daycare services. We are a training facility first, dedicated to growing the bond between you and your pet.

We build good behavior from a dog’s genetic blueprint and offer continued learning and care from puppyhood into their senior years. Although born with a blueprint of color, size, shape, and behavior, dogs of any age, sex, temperament, or breed can be transformed using positive reinforcement training.

At Blue Prints, we believe a good dog starts with an educated human. We offer flexible and personalized training that promotes good behavior and offers wellness and socialization to help your dog be the best they can be.

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Jim and Jackie Foster – Owners

Jim and Jackie are lifelong members of the community and have remained committed to their family and their careers. Jim brings a diverse business and management background to Blue Prints and believes in a customer-first, family business model. For 12 years, Jim successfully ran a landscaping business before transitioning into higher education grounds management. Jim…


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